About Kayaking 4 a Cause

Kayaking 4 a Cause is an awareness paddle, created in 2018. In 2019 Kayaking 4 a Cause was a solo paddle, done by Joseph Solomon, down the entire Ohio River, from Pittsburgh PA, all the way to the Mississippi River. Also in 2019, Joe decided that he wanted to do another Awareness Paddle, and set his sight all to bring awareness to Mental Health in America, on the Mississippi River. This paddle is for all who suffer with mental health, and we will work hard to represent those that feel like they don't have a voice.  We are about inclusion for all who suffer from mental conditions, and strive to be an advocate for everyone.  Mental health affects every family in America in some way or another. Follow Joe this summer starting on May 31st.  The plan is to spend 60-80 days on the river pending conditions along the way.  On FB, our blog is @goingthedistance2019 and on Instagram @kayaking4acause.